Brand Personality I

Brand personality is the physical layout and location of the business. Adding personality to your business is the most important point, often ignored and misunderstood by many business owners. Imagine that you are visiting an office for the first time and you find an old style building in poor condition or the low standard work area without any innovation. What image will it build in your mind about that business or office area? Probably not too positive. You can see the same mistake online in many office videos on YouTube, but what’s even worse, on optin pages or on sales pages.

To attract customer attention, you need to make the personality of your business groom and charming. Creating a brand personality is a multilayer process. It should be part of each business plan right from the beginning as continuous improvement is required to make the personality charming.

But is it really necessary to build brand personality if you are a start up business or sole proprietor? In start up stage budget seems to be a big problem, but at the same time business personality can not be ignored. When you have established an attractive brand personality, earning revenue and making investment is not so difficult.

Come back tomorrow as I’ll share with you some tips on how to establish an attractive brand personality. >> Read part 2 here.

Meanwhile, I’d like to hear your opinion on whether brand personality is important or not for you in your business. Share your ideas in the comments below.

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