Create value

Create value that focuses on your customers and their experiences. This is what will attract people to your business and your community. Foundational and community-building are two content types will help build your online community.Foundational-building is generally all the static stuff on your websites such as your “About Me” page and “Services” page. 

Most Foundational pages focus on self-advertising or promotion. If you want to be successful, then your foundational content should circle around the needs of your customers. Listen to them, observe their needs, and finally figure out how your services/ products address these issues. Create a foundational content that is geared towards solving your client’s problems as opposed to merely talking about yourself.Community-building content should indirectly promote your brand and establish trust. For this to happen, you need to prove that you are an expert in that niche. Focus on customer needs -do not just assume, ask them directly. You can even do email surveys or make phone calls or even create an event where you can meet one-on-one and discuss issues that they have.

Take this feedback and apply it to your content. Use Pre-outreach as well. Before creating your content, sit down and think about whom you can talk to, interview, survey. This way, you’ll get valuable feedback that will help make your site more insightful, purposeful, and successful.

October 18, 2017