Keep your content consistent

First off, you need to post quality content that is informative, entertaining, and inspirational. The material should not revolve around you – it should primarily focus on the community. Before creating content, think about your goals. What is the objective/ goals for your entire business? What makes your company unique?

To stand out, entrepreneur first needs to find that differentiating factor that will put you above your competitors. Determine what your unique selling proposition is. It’s best to do an analysis of your competitors and come up with a proposal that makes your business special. Find a way to stick out – in a positive way.

Perhaps your competitors do not have consistency with their content – why not try doing videos, or creating short posts, or even do a ‘tip-of-the-day’ forum. It’s great when your audience knows what to expect from you for that week. For example, ‘This week we shall focus primarily on XYZ.” Your audience will automatically know what they are tuning in for and are more inclined logon for daily updates.

October 18, 2017