Bring Traffic To Your Website Using Social Media

In the last few years, the numbers of social media websites have expanded greatly. Similarly, the number of people using these websites has soared. Facebook alone has an online active population of over 750 million users. Combine this statistic with the number of people using Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other social media outlets and you will see that there are an overwhelming number of people using social media to keep in touch with friends and family. Social media, however, is not only great for keeping in touch with people; it is also great for reaching out to consumers. Many businesses have now changed their marketing strategies, moving social media marketing up to number one on their to-do list.

If you want to take advantage of social media and use it to help drive traffic to your website, begin by creating your profiles. If you are unfamiliar with the social media world, you may want to begin with one social media site and then, once you familiarize yourself with it, build a profile on yet another site. Similarly, take time to explore the website you choose. The more familiar you are with the website, the better you can use its resources to promote your business. When beginning, it is recommended that you start with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or YouTube. These are the most popular social media sites and will be the most likely to attract consumers.

Once you have created your business profile, it is time to start building it. Remember, just because your profile is there doesn’t mean that you will attract consumers. You need to make your profile appealing, drawing in consumers and keeping them interested enough to return to your page. Keep your profile information informative yet interesting at the same time. One way to keep your information interesting is by uploading photographs, videos, or other types of applications that may be of interest to your consumers.

Once you have attracted your consumers, you need to keep their attention. Just because they have checked out your profile once doesn’t mean they will do so again. Why is it so important to keep your consumers coming back? Very few consumers make a purchase the first time they view a website. The initial visit may be enough to capture their attention, but you also need to gain their trust and convince them that your product is a better buy than that of your consumer. There are several ways that you can use your social media page to gain trust and direct buys.

Firstly, keep your consumers informed by updating your information regularly. If they are interested in your product, it is likely that they will come back to check for updates and when they do, you want to ensure that you give it to them. Aside from providing updates through your social media profile, you will also want to communicate with your consumers. If a consumer posts a comment or question on your page, be sure to answer back as quickly as possible. Not only will this show them that you can provide them with excellent customer service, but speaking to them directly will also help to gain their trust showing them that there is a person behind the business.

If you are a small business owner, social media will be greatly beneficial in attracting customers to your website. Once you create your informative (yet interesting) profile, return often to keep it updated and respond quickly to customer comments. By using social media to communicate with the public, you will be able to gain their trust turning possibilities into sales.

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