Using Facebook for Branding and Customer Service

Facebook is one of the best known ways of marketing a business product or brand today. Social marketing is used by businesses to enhance overall marketing strategies. First rule to remember when using Facebook for branding and customer service is knowing who your targeted audience is, and friends and family certainly fit this category. Word-of-mouth and self-promoting a particular brand on social networks like Facebook can greatly increase business profitability, while building a trusting customer service base. If you build your Facebook account only through close friends, you must remember that these people may need more prompting to invest in or purchase a product or service and become customers. This is where discussions and postings using user-friendly and non-pressuring sales tactics bring best results.

A business that sets itself up through word-of-mouth should have quality advice on a brand, including reviews and market trends. Being labeled as an expert in the brand’s niche is the objective to successfully marketing a brand through Facebook. It’s important to have answers ready about your brand concerning its quality and pricing. Using Facebook for branding and customer service means integrating knowledge and value of the brand to the masses and achieving a good return on investment.

Added pictures of the brand on a Facebook page and allowing comments, are essential in building the interest and creating a dedicated following. Prompt answering and replies about the brand will instill knowledge and brand visibility. Creation of competitive contests in how a person may use the brand or rename the brand, gives added fun and engagement to the process. A business may even offer free samples or a free product with the contest, that have participants sending in their photos using the brand. Of course, this is accomplished by always taking in the consideration of the appropriateness of the contest when using Facebook for branding and customer service. Great tool to get feedback from your prospects and customers is a survey. It will help you start profiling your business on a social networking medium.

Remember to post links to your business website. The website should download quickly and easily. Once onto the website, via Facebook, a potential customer should feel the slight change from the social medium to a more professional medium. The importance of a balance of the two cannot be stressed enough. A hard-sell business tactic on a website, as opposed to using Facebook for branding and customer service, is like having a conversation with a friend turn into a telesales marketing adventure. Although professional and straight to the point tactics are advised, slowly giving information without pushing the brand into a customer’s face is just good sales ethics.

Informative and relevant, the landing page on your website should wind the customer through a tunnel to the shopping cart in a matter-of-fact way. Now, the value of the brand has already been established, along with pricing and trust in the brand. By using Facebook for branding and customer service, a business will see a relatively fast return on investment of time and energy used sharing its brand with the masses. Customer service is the icing on the cake when the customer has purchased a product from the business and follow-ups are put into place. This means contacting the customer using Facebook for branding and customer service gives a business a future loyal customer.